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Brief Introduction to Input Method

The V1.0 of "Concise multi-function Sanskrit d Pali input method" ("Sanskrit and Pali input method") supports 32-bit and 64-bit Win10/Win8/Win7 systems.


"Sanskrit and Pali input method" has many patents and is copyrighted. Entry modes are divided into IAST, HK and ITRANS according to international transfer convention. It can switch to input Devanagari or Latin transfer font according to the actual transfer need. It has provided nearly one million lexicon for use.


In addition to the above basic functions, "Sanskrit and Pali input method" has powerful miscellaneous function.


Miscellaneous function one: the build-in electronic dictionary platform can import StarDict, Mdict and other forms of open electronic lexicon to help users to learn in the process of entering.


Miscellaneous function two: the build-in ScreenKeyboard not only supports Devanagari, but also supports the entering of special character such as roman transformation, which has the features of visualization and user-friendly control.


The V1.0 of currently published "Concise multi-function Sanskrit and Pali input method" supports Windows system, and the editions for Android, IOS and Mac OS systems will be released in the future.


Switch of Input Method

Win7 can use "Ctrl + Shift" to initiate "Sanskrit and Pali input method".


System "language bar" is shown as the figure: 001.jpg


Win 10 can use "win+ space key" to initiate "Sanskrit and Pali input method". System "language bar" is shown as the figure: 002.jpg


Switch between Sanskrit and English

003.jpg The default input method is Sanskrit and Pali input method.

004.jpg English input mode.


The switch between Sanskrit and English can be done by pressing the "Shift" key or clicking on the icon above the status bar with the left mouse button.