"Concise multi-function Sanskrit and Pali input method" ("Fanba input method") has obtained multiple patents and copyright protection. The entry mode can be divided into IAST, HK and ITRANS according to the international transfer convention. It can transfer into Devanagari or Latin transliteration fonts according to the actual input demand. It has its own lexicon of nearly one million for use. The affiliated dictionary platform of "Fanba input method" can import StartDict and Mdict lexicon to help users to learn and use in the process of inputting. The affiliated screen keyboard can support the input of Devanagari and Roman transliteration special characters, which has the features of visualization and user-friendly control. The currently published "concise multi-function Sanskrit and Pali input method" V1.0 version supports Windows system, and the versions for Android, IOS and Mac OS will be published in the future.

In addition to providing font used in this software, "Sino-Sanskrit net" will also collect and provide some art fonts for the needs of different people.