"Sino-Sanskrit Concise multi-function Sanskrit and Pali input method" ("FBinput method") V1.0 is a Sanskrit and Pali input method launched by Beijing Xinyi Cultural Communications Limited in June 2016, based on a standard English keyboard (QWERTY keyboard), for the cross-platform use under the Windows system, adhering to the principle of "permanent free".

Learning a language requires to know the rules of grammar. This site offers part of grammar reading online in Sanskrit, Pali and Tibetan. For more information, please download from the page of "digital library".

"Digital library", mainly including Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan, Chinese classics resources, is divided into E-texts, PDF and dictionary, involving dictionary, grammar, literature, religion, science and technology. Some of these resources are from the network while some other resources are provided by net friends.

The network resources about Sanskrit, Pali and Tibetan are very abundant, and "Sino-Sanskrit net" will conduct simple summary, recording and sharing of these Internet resources.